Our Company

Leading Professional Distributor

Albert Kemperle, Inc. is recognized as the leading professional distributor of auto Paint, Body, and Equipment.  Kemperle offers a diversified and innovative product assortment of automotive finishes, supplies, tools, and equipment.  We are also a supplier to the Commercial, Industrial, Marine, Architectural and Aviation markets, offering the highest-quality products and unmatched customer service.


Highest-Quality Service

Our team of experts is committed to providing the highest-quality service to each and every customer.  When you work with Kemperle, we always place your needs and priorities first—guaranteed.  It’s a testament to our quality of service that we’re still standing at the forefront of our industry after 80 years.

Our History

Albert Kemperle, Inc. continues to be an ongoing American success story.  In the early 1900s, Albert and Mary came to the United States from Austria, separately.  After meeting in the 1930s, they married, settled down in Valley Stream, NY and raised their children Albert Jr. and Ronald.

In 1940, Albert and Mary opened a single store operation in Brooklyn, NY.  Both Albert Jr. and Ronald grew up around and worked for the family business.  In 2009, Ronald took over the role of President when Albert Jr. retired.

Over the decades, generations of founding family members continue to expand that single store into a major distribution chain with over 50 locations.  In 2018, Ronald’s children Kayli and Ronald Jr. joined the business continuing the family legacy and are committed to retaining the core values of honesty and integrity.