3 Steps to Eliminating the Paint Department Bottleneck

It may surprise you, but many of the things that create delays and chaos in your Paint Department have nothing to do with the actual repair of the vehicle!

Start with “First Things First”: These items require attention before any vehicle arrives at the shop.

  • Housekeeping – Is your shop clean, neat, and well organized?
  • Preventative Maintenance – Are your booth, airlines, filters, and spray equipment in tip top shape?
  • Color Tools Up to Date – Are your color chips, computer, and color library current?
  • Teaming / Skill Specialization – Do have the right people doing the right things to maximize workflow?
  • Scheduling: “Monday – Friday syndrome” scheduling always creates peaks and valleys of work in the paint department. A more leveled workflow will enable your paint department to work efficiently all week.”

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